After India, America is also going to ban Tik-Tok with other Chinese social media apps

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American senior sec Mr Mikey has looked at closing other China made social media applications, including TikTok. 

A few days ago, India bans TikTok with 59 China developed social media apps due to some complicated security reasons. 

US sec of state talks about the happiness of this news. Now the US sec of state also gives a hint of ban China made social media applications in America. 

In a Tv interview, a reporter asks the United States sec about downloading the TikTok app. He answered when you want your secure country information to send to Chinese parties. 

He also said about TikTok that we don't want to inform President Trump about this, but our department looks into this. 

The move comes after Hong Kong enacted a national security law according to new policies, with the spokesman saying: "In recent events, we have decided to postpone the operation of the TikTok app in Hong Kong." 

Be careful in 2019, America warns its soldiers, not to lisping on China made the latest social media app like TikTok. 

According to China's biggest company, a few dances records that 30 million peoples in America who are 16 to 24 years old use the TikTok application. 

Recently, researchers also revealed that 53 other iOS apps, including TikTok, are spying on users' clipboard sensitive information.