Coronavirus patients are also effected by mental illness: Research

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British doctors have warned that due to corona-virus, the persons who are infected badly and the persons who are just infected can cause mental illness.

New discover is recently at the University of London. Due to corona-virus peoples can be sick mentally. Veins can be infected, and stroke also can happen.

A team of doctors researches about this and try to find medicine of this brain infection. They experiment with the solution to 43 COVID-19 patients in their hospitals.

And they found 10 patients' brains are swelled. Eight patients are effected with brain stroke. And eight patient's brain's veins are damaged badly.

The patients who are infected with brain swelling, are also effected with (ADEM) this viral disease is commonly found in kids.

A highly educated professor of London collage university said that "we see a big number of patients who are affected with corona-virus and brain sickness.

We cannot compare it with immune and breathing problems". On another side, a professor of university college London said "corona_virus spread just a few months ago, and we don't even know how dangerous it is in the next months and maybe years.

According to the new research, it is found that corona-virus badly affect the lungs but is also dangerous for other body parts. Experts said brain sickness is common in corona-virus patients.

1 crore 38 lakh peoples are infected with corona-virus. And 5 lakh 87 thousand peoples die with corona-virus.