Angelina Jolie is still in the list of Hollywood most beautiful actresses

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Angelina Jolie is still in the list of Hollywood, most beautiful actresses in the world. She is very pretty and gorgeous. She left every beautiful actress behind her. She is famous for her gorgeous looks and her unique style and a different style of talking.

She works in many Hollywood blockbuster movies. She is considered as a very important gem of Hollywood. She put her so much effort in her whole career. Her 80% of movies are blockbuster, and many movies break the box office record.

Still, she is the crush of many hearts. Her hit movies are girl, interrupted, wanted, salt, maleficent, Mr and Mrs Smith, She won 1 Oscar award 13 others, and she was in 113 nominations. She was born in Los Angeles on 4 August 1975.

She is 45 years old but still ranks in the world's most beautiful actresses. She works very hard with her looks that's why she is still young and beautiful. She is a very hard-working actress. She had a very successful career in Hollywood as compared to other actresses.

She was the wife of Brad Pitt. Who is a part of avenger and had a high fandom in the whole world. She married Brad Pitt both love each other, but later they have to break for some personal reason they had a kid who is young now.

She is also named in Hollywood's most cute and gorgeous actresses. She is a very respected girl in Hollywood. She always tries her best. She also faced some kinds of a problem at the start of her career, but later she ruled Hollywood and turn out the things with her skills and acting.

She looked so true when she acts something because she did everything by her heart. She also visits Bollywood a clip of Shahrukh Khan and Angelina Jolie in an award show is trending nowadays.

Both are looks stunning together. Her net worth is $160 million. Which is a very big thing. She is also named with Hollywood, the richest actresses.