Fandom of Shahrukh Khan Increasing day by day due to his iconic fashions

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Shahrukh Khan is the biggest movie star of Bollywood. He put his so much effort into his work. And now he is the king of Bollywood. He gives many blockbusters such as bazigar, Dilwale dulhaniya le jaengy, Karan Arjun, Veer Zara, Devdas, Kuch Kuch Hota hai, Mein hoon Na, Koyla, My name is Khan, Ra one, Chennai express, Dilwale, Raees. And the movie which is his thought to be srk masterpiece is Devdas. He put his hard work.

His acting skills are just amazing. He left every good look hero behind him, and become the most iconic actor of Bollywood. He is a true king of acting. He is a very open-hearted man. He spent too much income on charities. He helps so many poor peoples.

He is a very active person during the bad days of COVID-19. He gives 15 crore rupees to president funds which are so huge as compared to other Bollywood actors and actresses. Everyone is a fan of his iconic hair and his 90's iconic fashions in this modern era.

He is the inspiration of my thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood actors. And the peoples who have a dream to become an actor. He is a great personality with no fir and government cases. 

He wins so many Iffa, nation screen, and zee cine awards. Now he is the most successful actor in Bollywood. Many legendary actors launch huge statements about Srk. He is the brand ambassador of the Hyundai and iPhone brand. That is a huge thing for any celeb.

He is also the second richest actor in the world. In his recent interview, he said, I am not charged anything to do a picture but, I charged to attend function and events. Many peoples in the world liked him so much. He had great numbers of fans all around the world. No one can beat his stardom and gain such amount of fans.