Mahindra Singh Dhoni is retired from international cricket

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Mahindra Singh Dhoni has recently announced his retirement officially. He does not even play his farewell match. Mahindra Singh Dhoni's retirement is a bit shocking for everyone. 

No one can aspect his retirement in this way. He is named as the mastermind of cricket. 

He won one world, two champion trophies, one twenty-twenty world cups for team India. 

He is the most respected player and captain of team India as compared to other Indian players. He had a great career. MSD was the match-winning player in the Indian team. 

Still, all the cricketers and persons who belong to cricket think that Mahindra Singh Dhoni is a much better captain than Virat Kohli. 

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is famous for his helicopter shot and presence of mind when he stumped the batsman, next level of thinking, and amazing skills. He proved himself as the greatest captain and player of India. 

He is like the backbone of the Indian cricket team. Every cricketer love's him and learn so many things from him. 

Dhoni has captained the Indian team in 332 international matches 200 ODIs 60 tests and 72 T20Is, which is the world record. Mahindra Singh Dhoni is 39 years old.  

He is the true inspiration of young cricketers and wicket keepers. He is a very hardworking player, too he spent so much time in the ground and practising. 

He was like a very important gem of the Indian cricket team. The Indian cricket team is incomplete without Mahindra Singh Dhoni's presence. 

When the news of his retirement comes on social media, every fan and the cricketers from every country show the love for MS Dhoni. 

Some fans and cricketers are not happy with MS decision they said it's too early according to his age. He had a great fandom all around the world. 

He comes in cricket with his struggle and hard work. He does not have any support. ICC and other big cricket departments show the love for him. 

The news of MS retirement comes from his social media accounts he wrote "In 1929 hours consider me as retired. 

Some fans still shocked about his quick decision of retirement without playing a farewell match. 

But the good is now he is playing in upcoming IPL matches. Now he focused on domestic cricket.