Harassment cases are increasing and destroy the peace in Pakistan

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It is a pity that in Pakistan, where the mother of the child is being harassed, these things are slowly increasing. This is not normal. Condemning this embarrassment, many TV stars have made their own statements on social media. Harassment cases are spreading rapidly not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries. 

Pakistan is also called the state of Madinah and such actions are not acceptable in an Islamic country. It is being stressed that the harassing beasts should be hanged in public. So that the souls of other people also tremble and they never abuse any innocent women. 

The incident took place just as the children and their mother were sitting in the car while their husband and children were waiting for their father when suddenly two unidentified persons pulled the woman and her children out of the car and took them to a nearby deserted place. 

The two beasts raped the woman in front of her children and fled with cash and ATM cards. This is not a single case but there are thousands of such cases and it is not possible to put an end to these cases till these animal-like human beings are hanged in the middle of the streets and others are also told how such a move could prove to be for them. Those who commit adultery are humiliated in this world and on the Day of Resurrection they will be in Hell. 

There are many people in the world who face the women of their house. Don't go out. Don't talk to strangers. There is nothing wrong with talking to a girl, making friends, or working with her, but there is everything wrong with talking to a girl with bad intentions. It all depends on the intentions. That is why it is said that actions depend on intentions. 

This is something that will definitely come back to haunt you. The seeds you sow will one day be reaped. If you treat a girl badly, there will be a time when someone will treat your sister and daughter in the same way. Pakistani celebs have also condemned the incident in their own way.

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