Private And Government Schools Are Opened In Pakistan | Important Precautions For Kids

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Today all the educational institutions of Pakistan will be open. All the children went to school with great enthusiasm. But some children arrived at the school crying. This is a happy occasion for all the parents because for many months the children at home were becoming incompetent and forgetting their whole lesson. Now that the children have gone to school regularly, they will be back to their original form as they were before the holidays. 

But there is another thing that is very important to think about. There are special mercy and kindness from Allah on Pakistan which has greatly reduced the coronavirus without any vaccine but as far as reports are concerned, the coronavirus is not over yet, it has only decreased. People are slowly realizing that the coronavirus is completely gone, which is a foolish move. Thus ignoring the coronavirus could again prove dangerous for Pakistan. Caution is the most important.

 The child has started going to school but their immune system is much weaker than the rest of the people so this virus can affect children a lot. That's why to send children to school by bathing them daily, wearing masks, and sanitizing their hands. Try to keep a Dettol soap in the children's bag and a sanitizer in their pockets and tell them to sanitize their hands after each class and do not share your food and water with other children. 

And don't even shake hands with a friend. And sit a short distance from the other children. You have to explain all these things to your children. Because you have to take care of yourself. Everyone knows how dangerous this virus is for human life. This virus has killed millions of innocent people all over the world. And those who took the virus lightly and did not take any precautions are more susceptible to the virus. The loss of millions of lives is no joke. 

And now our children have to fight this virus. And children are weaker and more sensitive than other young people. These children are the real capital of their parents. No parent would want their children to have this dangerous disease but just wanting is not enough. Caution is necessary. That is why caution is better than cure.