Top Rated TikTokers Of Pakistan

The trend of TikTok in Pakistan is growing tremendously. Many young boys and girls in Pakistan have made a special place for themselves at an early age because of TikTok. India and the United States have banded TikTok in their countries due to some of their issues. But Pakistan has an excellent friendship with China, and there is no justification for closing TikTok in Pakistan. Due to TikTok, a lot of talent has emerged in Pakistan, and these young boys and girls have also got the opportunity to make their mark in society. 

Pakistan's film industry is fragile in comparison to Pakistani dramas. Pakistan dramas are creating new records every day. But in every sector of the industry, it is challenging for new boys and girls to come. Many Tiktokers in Pakistan have gained fame worldwide in a brief period, such as Zulqarnain, Ali Khan Hyderabadi, Jannat Mirza, Kanwal Aftab, Usman Asim, Hoor Mahaveer, and Areeka Haq.

Ali Khan is from Hyderabad and made his mark in TikTok with his charming walking. He introduced a new trend on TikTok with his unique way of walking. People loved him so much and took him to the heights of heaven.

Zulqarnain is one of the most capable TikTokers in Pakistan. He has millions of followers on TikTok. Most of his videos now come with Kanwal Aftab. Zulqarnain is also getting a chance to act in Pakistani Dramas as well.

Jannat Mirza also has a lot of followers on TikTok among girls. Jannat Mirza is seen acting mostly on TikTok. People also like Jannat Mirza's working very much.

Usman Asim is famous for his comedy on TikTok. Usman Asim is a religious man, but at the same time, he entertains people with his humor and liveliness.

Kanwal Aftab works as a host in Urdu Point. And Kanwal Aftab is considered one of the most beautiful girls of TikTok. Zulqarnain proposed Kanwal Aftab, and she accepted Zulqarnain's Proposal. That is why most of her videos on TikTok come with Zulqarnain.

Hoor Mahveera is famous for her unique attitude on TikTok. Hoor Mahveera has made a special place for herself in a short time. Hoor Mahveera is one of TikTok's most beautiful girls. People love Hoor Mahveer because of her unique and charming style.

Areeka Haq has also made a name for herself on TikTok. She also has millions of followers on TikTok. A song of Areeka Haq and Asim Azhar is also been released recently.